Call for Papers

MDMDR will provide a forum for both multimedia researchers and doctors to discuss state-of-the-art technologies in mental disorder detection and diagnosis. We believe that the topic of MDMDR is interesting for both the multimedia and medical community to exchange ideas and discuss collaborations. The workshop will also attract attention from industry and help to realize the industrialization of the latest multimedia techniques in mental disorder diagnosis.
MDMDR concentrates on capturing the recent advances in multimedia technology (audio, video, image, text, EEG, gait, etc.) for mental disorder recognition.

The topics of this workshop include, but not limited to:

Unimodal- or multimodal-based depression, schizophrenia or bipolar disorder detection;
Deep learning based state-of-mind assessment;
Multimodal feature representation learning for mental disorder detection;
Portable or wearable devices for mental disorder detection or sentiment analysis;
Efficient or real-time assistant diagnosis systemsactions;
Deep neural network designing for accurate mental disorder recognition;
Effective data pre-processing, augmentation or fusion for multimodal data processing.